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lemon Twist


A huge favorite in the colder times, We've had customers write in to say that they want to slather this delicious smelling butter on some toast and eat it! The Owl has not been able to keep these on the shelves for more than a day. Add a Twist of Lemon to your life today.

Summer Sorbet


Cold weather = dry, flaky skin? NOT in The Orange Owl world!

Try the exfoliating fabulousness of our Summer Sorbet sugar scrub after your shower and see how it keeps your skin luxuriously soft.



Cinnamon & Spice


Didn’t get enough of all the holiday baking this past year? Try some of our Cinnamon and Cardamom lip balm to keep those lovely smells close! Your silky smooth lips, and taste buds, will thank you for it! 

Blissful Brine


Deadlines at work and never ending chores at home – soak all those stresses away! Start your new year full of bliss thanks to these wonderful lavender and citrus bath salts. 

Masala Chai


Can’t get enough chai in your life? Well then, here is another way to bring some Masala Chai into your daily schedule.

You know the routine, just add some hot water!

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